There are several different types of dental braces that may be recommended to improve alignment of teeth.

Traditional braces involve brackets and wires, usually made out of metal, which are attached to the teeth and allow their positioning to be altered as required.

Regular appointments to adjust the dental wires are needed to ensure that the repositioning of the teeth continues throughout the process, so visiting the dentist regularly every 4 to 10 weeks is very important factor in ensuring the success of the braces.

Only a professional orthodontic specialist can place as well as remove your fixed braces once your treatment is complete.

Most patients need to wear the braces for a year and a half to two years.


Clear aligners offer an aesthetically pleasing and barely visible alternative to conventional wire/brackets and are an elegant solution for your smile. By using cutting-edge 3Shape technology we use a series of custom-made, computer-generated clear aligners to straighten our patients' teeth. 3D imaging is a sure way to give our patients the most accurate, advanced, and customized invisable braces experience that effectively shapes a great smile. Patients can easily take out their clear aligners when flossing, brushing, eating or drinking to maintain their oral hygiene.


  • almost invisible
  • elegant and comfortable solution that will suit your lifestyle no matter where you find yourself
  • minimally invasive, more subtle teeth straightening treatment
  • easily removable whenever you want
  • the treatment period lasts only for 3 to 14 months
  • daily dental hygiene with clear aligners does not require a lot of special care
  1. We begin with intraoral imaging and scanning that provides insight into intermaxillary relationship and the overall condition of the jaw.

  2. Our orthodontist scans all our patients in order to obtain initial study models prior to starting treatment.

  3. We do virtual set-ups that not only give us valuable information prior to executing any irreversible dental procedure but it also gives our patients a visual representation of what their teeth might look like before they even start their treatment.

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